Delaware Progressive Football Club

Name: Delaware Progressive Football Club

Date of Creation: 2016



        President:                                Val Esaka

        Vice President:                         Leslie Chie

        Secretary General:                   Edison Ndikum

        Treasurer:                                Kume Kieran

        Team Manger:                         Jerate Ngwashi

        Assistant Team Manager:         Joel Adebayo

Community Activity:
Kids Soccer Camp
: A community soccer camp for kids every summer. The camp is open to kids of all ages and skill levels, and it is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and engaging environment.
Goals: The goals of the camp are to:
Teach kids the fundamentals of soccer.
Promote physical activity and healthy living.
Build teamwork and sportsmanship.
Create a fun and enjoyable experience for kids.
Schedule: The camp typically runs for one week each summer month. The hours of the camp vary, but it typically runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Location: The camp is typically held at Kirkwood Soccer Complex.
Cost: The cost of the camp varies, but it is typically around $0 per child (free).
Volunteers: The camp is staffed by a team of volunteers who are passionate about soccer and working with kids mostly from Delaware Progressive Football Club.
Benefits: The benefits of participating in the camp include:
Learning the fundamentals of soccer
Getting exercise and staying healthy
Learning teamwork and sportsmanship
Making new friends
Having a fun and enjoyable experience

Contact Information:


Coaching Staff:

  • Val Esaka (Head Coach)
  • Chris Ogbonnah (Assistant Coach)
  • Leslie Chie (Assistant Coach)


  • Rilwan Salawu
  • Olayinka Jolayemi 

NVT Reps:

  • Val Esaka
  • Leslie Chie

DMV Veteran League Reps:

  • Val Esaka
  • Leslie Chie


        2017 Cup of Delaware

        2018 Cup of Delaware

        NVT Quarter Finals 2018 First (Year)

        2020 NVT Quarter Finals Houston

Charity Events:

Provide food assistance to those in need 2018.

Supporting food banks and kitchens.

Health and Wellness Fair 2022

Brief History:  

Delaware Progressive Social Club started as a Couples Retreat founded in 2016 by a group of couples who were looking for a way to socialize and connect with other like-minded individuals. The club quickly grew in popularity, and soon there were dozens of couples participating in its activities. One of the most popular activities at the club was soccer. The men in the club were all passionate about the sport, and they would often play together in informal matches. In 2017, the men decided to form a formal soccer team and join the NVT.