Columbus Veterans

Columbus Veteran Football Club (CVFC).

Date of creation: Founded in 2017.

Motto: Respect, Unity, and Good Health

Preamble: We members of Columbus Veteran Football Club (CVFC), irrespective of nationality, resident in the State of Ohio, USA, conscious of our individual as well as collective duties and responsibilities, bound by our mutual love for unity, solidarity, equality, peace, and harmony, voluntarily constitute ourselves into a non-partisan, non-violent, non-profit club

Location: The geographical scope engulfs the entire Central Ohio with a seat in the State’s Capital city of Columbus

Leadership: Columbus  Veteran FC is run by a President. The current President is Romeo A. Ngati (Tel. #: +1-240-898-6950).

Number of members: Currently 75 registered general assembly members

Upcoming Events: Family Day, NVT2023, and Bidding to host NVT2024.

Contact Info: Email:; Phone: +1-(240) 413-9953.

Executive Team

President Romeo Ngati

VP – David Nkeng

SG – Filibert A

TM – Simon Acha

FinSec – Ike O

Treasurer – Valentine F

Headcoach – Elvis Etaka

PRO – Lawrence N

Brief History:  

Columbus Veterans FC is a soccer club founded in 2017 based out of Columbus OH, the Capital of the Buckeye State. We are a registered 501c organization in the State of Ohio.

The team operates through its members using soccer to promote Unity, Solidarity, and Peace amongst its members and to bring harmony to the community. We do volunteer work in the community, organize quarterly and yearly events such as our family day, and partner with community organizations such as JustLikeYouGlobalFoundation (JLU) to educate our community on domestic abuse, and how to keep a healthy and save family. The team practices twice a week on Tuesdays, and Thursdays at The Kilbourne Park, or Vineyard on Cooper Rd in Westerville, OH.

Columbus  Veteran FC has participated in the last 5 NVT annual tournaments and is currently bidding to host the NVT2024 in the city of Hillard, a suburb of  Columbus

If you are in or around Central Ohio, you are welcome to join us or take part in any of our fun community activities. CVFC can be reached through the following contacts:; or by Phone: +1-(240) 413-9953.

L-R Standing: Thunder 9, Pascal, Elviz N, Pound S. Thierry Pro, Kamga, Tikay, Fabrice, Elisee, Standley, Hilary, Coach Etaka.
L-R Seating: Luma, Mikael, Marcel, Sengor, Elonge, Dave

L-R Standing: Grand Joe, Lawrence, Ayuk, Abu. Simon, Enow, William, Kenneth, and Dr. Ekiti
L-R Front Row: Mikael, Achale, Thunder 9, Sengor, Elonge, Bush Dr, Armand.