Spartan Veterans Football Club

Date of creation: Established in 2017


-President: Mukong Adeso

-Vice President: Valentine Nunyi

-Secretary General: Martin Nzefeh

- Treasurer: Emmanuel Tanyi

-Team managers: Roland Patcha; Atem Nkem

Coaching Staff:

- Gerald Maximuangu (Head Coach)

-Njami Ndanguim (Assistant Coach)

-Emmanuel Tabi (Assistant Coach)

Technical Directors:
  • Herve Ngueko
  • Manfred Tambe
  • Gaston Chia
  • Raoul Dzodoum
NVT Reps:
  • Martin Adamu
  • Francis Ndangum
DMV Veteran League Reps:
  • Georges II Peg
  • Sebastian Ngandi

Number of members: Currently 50 registered members.

  • Champion: NVT 2021 hosted in Houston Texas
  • Champion: DMV Veteran League 2022
  • Runner Up: DMV Veteran League 2021

Charity Events:

– Provided benches to schools in villages impacted by the Cameroon crisis (2021)

– Donated perishable and non-perishable goods to orphanages in Buea (2022)

-Provided perishable goods to Corvid infected individuals in our community: Maryland 2020

Community Activity:

-Kids’ Soccer Camp: Community soccer camp for kids every summer.

Contact Information: email:


Spartan Veterans FC is a Maryland based 501c veteran soccer team established in 2017. Originating from Spartan FC that was founded in 1997, this is a brotherhood that spans decades. We have come a long way, from boys going to school and hustling to make ends meet in our teens and early twenties to parents and even grandparents.

Soccer is our passion, our common denominator, but we are much more than the beautiful game. We are about Family, Community, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Charity, Education, etc.

Please visit our website for more information at: