Cameroon Soccer Veterans Club Delaware (CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC).

Date of creation: Founded in 2014.

Motto: Unity, Exercise, and Socialization

Number of members: Currently 31 registered members.


CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC is run by a President.

Current President is Mr.Irvine Afanyu Ginti

(Cell: +1-302-358-7154. The former

Presidents are as follows: Mr. Julius Njabebuh,

Mr. Edison Ndikum and the Pioneer President Mr. Kelly Saah.

Past honors:

  • NVT pioneer member in
  • 3rd Place Bronze Medalist – NVT 2015 hosted in Silver Spring,
  • Successfully hosted NVT 2019 in New Castle,
  • Ref:
  • Consecutive appearances and participation in the last 8 NVT 2015 (Silver Spring, MD), 2016 (Atlanta, GA), 2017 (Allen, TX), 2018 (Oklahoma City, OK), 2019 (Delaware), 2020 (annulled by COVID-19), 2021 (Houston, TX) and 2022 (Bel-Air, MD)
  • First club to host teams from Canada and USA – NVT 2019 in New Castle, DE

Upcoming Events: TBD

Contact Info:

  • Address: PO BOX 6156 Wilmington, Delaware, 19804
  • Phone: +1(973)-337-7693
  • Website: org
  • Email:

Brief History:

The Cameroon Soccer Veterans Club Delaware (CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC) is a remarkable organization with a community of dedicated players, and a passion for soccer that spans since its creation. Founded in 2014, the club has evolved from a small gathering of enthusiasts into a respected and beloved organization in the state of Delaware. With an unwavering commitment to the

sport and its core values, CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC continues to thrive and contribute significantly to the local soccer scene. The Cameroon Soccer Veterans Club Delaware, aka CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC, is a soccer team based out of Wilmington, Delaware. CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC is registered in Delaware as a 501c organization. The club’s official  practice  sessions  are  Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday every week at Weiss Park, in Newark, DE 19702. CAMSOVET- DELAWARE FC has participated in all  NVT annual  tournaments  since  the inception in 2015. If you are in or around the New Castle County, Delaware, you are welcome to join this great team.

Vision: CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC undertakes the effort to bring the Cameroon community in the Tri-state area together and promote the socio- physical well- being of its people in the community.

Mission: CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC strive to bring together sons and daughters of Cameroon and all who supports the group’s ideology, foster our socio- cultural heritage, and share in the joys or sorrows of members of this Association


Rght- Left: Patrick Kudi, Irvine Afanyu, Jude Mua, Celestin Atangcho, Armstrong Agbortabi, Eric Neba, Verla Victor, Emmanuel Forsi, Franklin Alang, Reymond Neba

Rght- Left: Celestin Atangcho, Kelly Saah, Armstrong Agbortabi, Elvis Edinge, Irvine Afanyu, Verla Victor, Marinus Nsufor

Rght- Left: Eric Neba, Emmanuel Forsi, Verla Victor, Patrick Kudi

Sorrowful Moment:

BR: Kelly Saah, Verla Victor, Irvine Afanyu, Kennedy Ebuh, Armstrong Agbortabi, Celestin Atangcho, Paul Forji, Marinus Nsufor, Robert Tawanui, Felix Tengen